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Planet Doughnut

Doughed up website & marketing support

Founded back in 2017 by husband-and-wife duo, Duncan and Samantha McGregor, Planet Doughnut first began in their family garage. As of April 2022, Planet Doughnut has opened six Planet Doughnut stores across the UK, with more in their expansion plans. The brand has also extended to a dedicated desserts store, Planet Dessert and in addition to sweet treats, sells a range of merchandise and in-store experiences to customers.

To support their expansion plans, Planet Doughnut came to us with the requirement for a brand-new website and on-going marketing support, including photography and social media. From our initial Discovery Session, we identified the need for a completely bespoke website that was not just a brochure site to promote the range of products available, but also had an e-commerce element that allows customers to purchase and have doughnuts delivered straight to their door, streamlining the order process internally for the Planet Doughnut team.


icons designed


doughnuts photographed


animations created


We immerse ourselves in your world.

Planet Doughnut came to us with big ideas for how they wanted to grow their business not just within the area of Shropshire, but beyond! They needed an online presence that matched the booming success of their social media brand (with followers already in the 10’s of thousands!) and support on how they could successfully launch their 3rd store, which was due to launch in Chester in 2021.

Making the jump from an in-store service to a local delivery service, Planet Doughnut wanted to reach out to a large-scale customer base, taking their brand to new heights and complete with key players within the market. They also wanted design and social media support that would highlight the key USPs of their products with guidance on how their already impactful brand could be positioned.


We collaborate creatively.

Our first step was to analyse the current brand and style of Planet Doughnut to identify the key areas of their brand that were working well and required no attention from us, and where we saw room for improvement.

Planet Doughnut were well known for the slogan copy within their Shrewsbury store, with tags like ‘Doughnut you want me baby?’ emblazoned on the wall. Following this theme, our content team developed a batch of doughnut puns that continued with this playful tone which could be translated into static graphics and animation. Much of this initial planning was also used to drive the initial discovery, look, and feel of the brand-new website.

Planet Doughnut Straplines
Illustrations for Planet Doughnut
E-commerce Website Design & Development

With demand for their doughnuts at an all-time high, Planet Doughnut needed an e-commerce website that could lend itself to supporting company growth.

It was apparent that the existing website could no longer keep up and was in need of a design overhaul to compete with key players in the market. Following an in-depth discovery session to pinpoint corporate objectives, plus requirements for content and design, our internal teams got to work on designing and building a website that would tick all the boxes. With user experience at the forefront of our thinking, customers purchase doughnuts, merchandise and gift vouchers online with ease.

Our Developers also created a new order management system that would enable Planet Doughnut to process website orders and product inventories. With longevity in mind, the platform was developed to be easily adapted to support Planet Doughnut’s ongoing business objectives, such as the ability to add further shop/franchise channels in the future.

“With the help of Reech they built us a custom system that will allow us to make nationwide deliveries. It’s made our lives much easier, it’s a lot more automated and things are just running smoothly”
Duncan McGregor Planet Doughnut
Planet Doughnut Homepage
Mobile Version of Website
Website Design Mockup
Illustration Services | Reech
Brand Positioning

Planet Doughnut already had an established and recognisable brand, but through our service, we helped them establish different nuances to ensure the brand was consistent throughout all mediums.

We developed a set of Brand Guidelines for them, that is their bible for all things Planet Doughnut. This included identifying fonts to be used across web, social media and print. We used a bubble font for the main messaging which reflects the personality of the team and the brand as a whole. This bubble font was tested on social media assets and the website design and was also used as the inspiration behind an extension of the brand’s existing illustration suite. Everything was chosen to work in harmony with a vibrant colour palette and alongside commercial photography captured by us! We also established a tone of voice for use on all content and create a set of pun-style straplines.

Planet Doughnut Social Media
Straplines for Social Media
Doughnut Worry Be Happy
Colour Palette

The brand already had a core colour palette, with their strong turquoise being instantly recognisable within their native Shrewsbury. We introduced a secondary, vibrant colour palette to complement the primary shades and injected these colours across social media graphics and the website design.


Hello Headline is a bold and friendly typeface designed specifically (believe it or not) for headlines. All the letters are chunky and rounded, making them legible when read from afar. And we mean really, really afar! The overall feel of the typeface is causal and affable, so it is great for the light-hearted and fun personality of PD.

Photography & Videography


We’ve captured a wide range of media for Planet Doughnut for use on social media and their website.

At the time of their website being developed, we used their flagship Shrewsbury store as the inspiration for how all future store photography would look. In our dedicated studio, we also captured imagery of all delicious doughnut flavours for use on both social media and the online doughnut shop. We continued to support Planet Doughnut with media capture to support the opening of each new store, as required.

Commercial Photography | Reech
Photography Services | Reech
Planet Doughnut Shop Customers | Reech Agency
Commercial Photography Services
Commercial Photography Services
Social Media

Planet Doughnut were already incredibly successful on their social media channels, offering products that are extremely Instagrammable!

To support with the launch of the website, and to bring the look and feel of their social media channels in line with the new website and website content, we provided Planet Doughnut with our social media management service. As part of this support, we developed content calendars with their product launches and seasonality in mind, wrote on-brand post copy and designed a series of graphics to support. This included optimised photography, illustrated animations and video snippets from behind the scenes.

Social Media Design | Reech
Illustration Services | Planet Doughnut Graphics
Print Design


One of the additional revenue streams for Planet Doughnut is their fun range of merchandise, which includes hoodies, aprons and mugs. The merch was designed using some of our doughnut puns, enhanced by a soft, bright colour palette including the secondary baby pink, plum and light blue shades.

In addition to merchandise design, we’ve also supported with the design of promotional postcards to be used to announce the launch of the new stores in their dedicated locations, and the design of bespoke POS units for the brand’s Dough & Go scheme, where buyers can purchase doughnuts from selected retailers.

Planet Doughnut Photography
Merchandise Design | Reech


We don’t just focus on the numbers.

Our in-house expertise and our full range of services have come together to truly transform and refine Planet Doughnut’s marketing.

With an improved user journey at the forefront of our approach, the new online home for Planet Doughnut enables more customers than ever before to get their hands on their tasty doughnuts. This has seen an increase in the sales of the doughnuts both in-store and online and allowed Planet Doughnut to see their produce enjoyed by people all across the UK, with over 100 stockists of Planet Doughnut as of April 2022.

The bespoke customer and ordering portal means that the store can keep ahead of what their competitors are doing, and, with a continuously growing social media presence, Planet Doughnut is in the perfect position to keep on doughing!

Planet Doughnut Brand Guidelines