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Montgomery Waters

Refreshed packing for local mineral water company.

Montgomery Waters is one of the UK’s largest producers of mineral water and flavoured water. The range includes AquaVit, Celtic Spring and AquaRoma, and Montgomery Waters also provide white labelling to a selection of UK based retailers, sporting clubs and hotels including Ikea, Nisa, Tesco and Bidfood.

At their core is the promise that each drop of water in their products originates from protected, free-flowing spring sources or natural mineral sources. Over the years we’ve worked with Montgomery Waters on a number of projects to help develop a strong brand and bespoke product packaging design for their own range of retail products.


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Rebranding for the consumer market.

Montgomery Waters approached us seeking a rebrand for three of their lines; Stretton Hills, AquaRoma and AquaVit. To compete in a saturated market, Montgomery Waters needed a suite of striking brands that were perfectly suited to the USPs of each product and the target audience. We completed vital research, looking at other brands on the marketing (including local and national brands), to identify what makes users purchase a mineral water product. We also considered within our research where the water would be sold and the size of the water bottles to develop a design that would entice buyers.

Within the brief, the client wanted the branding for Stretton Hills to reflect Church Stretton, where the HQ is based, whilst also having a nod to the nature and setting of Stretton within the branding. As their lower-end product, they wanted the AquaRoma product brand to be bright and colourful, whilst still catching the eye of purchasers.

Montgomery Waters Brand Design min


Crafting a new brand

Branding & Visual Identity

Whilst The Stretton Hills boasts an impressive heritage (Queen Victoria even gave it her royal seal of approval!), it was time for the brand to be modernised to appeal to the target market of women and families. We brought this up to date with a fun, bright, family-friendly identity that stood out on the supermarket shelf. We introduced green and blue hues to represent water and the surrounding hills with a natural but bright colour palette. The colour choice also allowed for buyers to see that the packaging was recyclable which was an important message for the client.

For AquaRoma, we followed the brief of creating a bold brand that would be easily recognisable on a shelf. This included the use of bold, sharp typography and the use of shapes to emulate the different fruits that made up the flavours.

Packaging Design

We created a range of different label designs that ensured no matter the size of the water bottle, the branding was clear and concise across the whole range. For the Stretton Hills range, this included designs for large sports bottles and x2 different designs of 500ml bottles for the still and sparkling products. The different water types are easily identifiable through a dedicated lid colour and opposite hero colour on the label.

For AquaRoma, we kept the packaging design simple and clean with white/transparent backgrounds which allowed for the hero brand blue to shine through. Each flavour of water was given its own identity with the colours of the fruit incorporated onto the wordmark and label, for example pink and green for the raspberry and apply flavour. We also designed plastic packaging for all product ranges for when the bottles are sold within a multipack.

“This project was a great opportunity for us to develop a brand in a busy market. We have meticulously developed and designed their bottle packaging into a beautiful and signature identity”
Dena Evans Reech
Montgomery Waters Bottles Range | Reech

As the brand’s range has evolved and expanded, we have supported Montgomery Waters with our print design services.

We’ve provided a refresh of their exhibition roller banners, altering their existing artwork to showcase the branding of their product range and ensure their marketing assets are up to date with their active product range. We’ve also provided design for expo flyers, with impactful photography and graphics that promote their products following expansion of their line and a change in their bottle sizes.



Shropshire businesses working together.

Since the rebrand, we have worked with the team at Montgomery Waters on a range of internal and adhoc projects to help them with the rollout of product line changes and other areas of their marketing, such as livery design and our commercial photography service. Our partnership has helped evolve the brand further within the local area and the wider UK market and cement itself as one of the leading mineral water products on the market today.