3rd Apr 2024 3 minsread

Shortlisted for ALF ‘Best Partnership with Purpose’ Award!

ALF Awards Blog

We’re thrilled to announce that Reech has been shortlisted for the esteemed ALF Awards 2024 ‘Best Partnership with Purpose’ category! This recognition celebrates our impactful work with the Shrewsbury Food Hub’s “Taste with no Waste” campaign, a collaborative effort that tackled the critical issue of food waste reduction in our local community.

The ALF Awards shine a spotlight on the exceptional work of marketing and sales teams across the UK. The “Best Partnership with Purpose” award specifically honours campaigns or initiatives that exemplify exceptional partnerships for social good. These can be single-cause or charity campaigns where two organisations join forces to make a positive impact. We are incredibly proud to be recognised for our work alongside the Shrewsbury Food Hub, a collaboration that perfectly embodies this spirit.

More knowledge, less food waste

In 2022, we were grateful to have the Shrewsbury Food Hub as our Reech and Reward charity of the year. Shrewsbury Food Hub wanted to create a new campaign to motivate 1,000 families in Shrewsbury to reduce their food waste at home, protecting the environment and saving them money. Our team got to work strategizing and building a water-tight marketing plan to minimise food waste, empower the local community and foster a positive environmental impact.

To achieve these goals, we devised the innovative “Taste with no Waste” challenge. This engaging campaign spanned across the Hub’s website, social media, community outreach and also employed a series of six short emails delivered over two weeks. Each email featured informative video clips starring Steve, the Food Hub’s incredible chef, who shared practical tips and tricks to help viewers reduce food waste in their own homes.

Since the campaign launch, over 1,000 families have taken part in the Taste Not Waste Challenge. The average saving on food was £4.30 a week – that’s over £200 a year! And on average, people reported a 44% reduction in food waste. 

Celebrating collaborative contributions

We are immensely proud of the “Taste with no Waste” campaign’s positive impact and its contribution to the Shrewsbury Food Hub’s mission. Being shortlisted for the ALF Awards 2024 “Best Partnership with Purpose” category serves as a tremendous validation of our collaborative efforts and unwavering commitment to creating a positive social impact.

This recognition motivates us to continue fostering meaningful partnerships and crafting innovative campaigns that address critical social and environmental issues while amplifying the voices of purpose-driven organisations like the Shrewsbury Food Hub. If you’re interested in learning more about our creative social impact initiatives or exploring how we can help your brand make a difference, get in touch with us today. We are a passionate team driven by a creative spirit and a genuine desire to make a positive impact – now let’s help you turn your purpose into action.