16th Jan 2024 4 minsread

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2024

Stephen | Upcoming marketing Trends | Reech

Forecasting marketing trends year on year is not a case of dusting off the crystal ball every January. Keeping your ear so firmly to the ground that you disturb the moles is only half of the battle – to predict the future we must also learn from the past. Combining current knowledge with lessons gone by is integral to anticipating trends, identifying opportunities and seizing your niche.

Our research has led us to 5 key trends we see rising rapidly across the next 12 months and beyond. You’ll be aware of some but maybe not all, so let’s dive in to see how these trends can give your business a head start:

Hey [FIRST NAME], Let’s Talk Hyper-personalization

Thanks to the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, marketing teams now have unprecedented access to a wealth of customer data. This enables us to deliver tailored experiences like never before. In the past, traditional marketing approaches relied on creating generic content and hoping it would resonate with a broad audience.

However, with hyper-personalization, marketers are now shifting their focus to individual customer needs, preferences, and behaviours. This approach uses advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to analyse vast amounts of customer data, providing insights that empower marketing teams to create highly targeted and personalised campaigns.

AI Content (shock)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know you’re sick of hearing about it – but the fact that your newsfeed has been lit up daily with another AI update or advancement should give some inkling into the trajectory it is taking. That trajectory is steep and upward, and as tech behemoths around the globe weigh in on the artificial arms race, AI-written content will saturate our feeds, websites and daily digital discourse.

The potential of AI is truly captivating. It is the tech revolution for a generation that will shape how they interact with technology at a wide scale. As AI naturally improves and the content-producing side of the technology cements itself as a widget or app on people’s home screens, the influx of AI-generated content will multiply indefinitely.

Urgent Authenticity Appeal

Authenticity is fast becoming a commodity across our daily discourse. As AI content floods our feeds and that celebrity you never thought would sell out is posting another #ad on the benefits of their sponsored laxative protein tea, consumers are becoming more discerning and crave genuine connections with brands.

We will see a shift towards consumers craving authentic brands that share stories, embrace vulnerability and lean into their USPs (unique selling points) more heavily. Organic narratives behind a brand told thoughtfully will resonate more and more with consumers.

Hello? Conversational Marketing speaking.

Remember waiting on hold? Yeah, bye-bye. Conversational marketing is the new kid on the block, minus the agonising hold music. Conversational marketing is marketing that engages customers through real-time dialogue via live chat, chatbots and messaging apps. Empowered by AI-powered chatbots and CRMs, it is fuelled by real-time interactions.

Although consumers know they may be speaking with a robot, as long as it can resolve their query in as quick a time as possible, they don’t care. Conversational marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach, it needs to be tailored to cater to your offering, sector and audiences to ensure it is hitting your goals; higher conversion rates, improved customer service, cost saving or just improved brand experience.

Creativity, the Secret Sauce

7 seconds. That’s all you’ve got to make an impression. Digital consumers’ brains have become conditioned to sniff out gratifying content in as short a time as possible. That’s right, we’ve now become less attentive than a goldfish – thanks TikTok and co.

Since no matter what channel you’re trying to get noticed on you’ll have stiff competition, you need to make sure you stand out. Surprise your audience, make them laugh, make them think – your unique voice and creative ideas are what will ensure you stand out.

Not much has changed in the sense that the marketing landscape is still an eternally shifting jigsaw puzzle that always seems to be a piece shy from completion. If you get in touch with us today to implement some winning marketing strategies for the year ahead, we have a habit of completing puzzles.