31st May 2021 3 minsread

Supporting Shropshire: The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

Brochure Website Mockup

Over the past few months, we’ve partnered with The Queen’s Award for Enterprise Shropshire to build a website, design a bi-fold brochure and create social media graphics to promote the prestigious competition in the local county.

About The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Shropshire

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Shropshire exists to recognise the best organisations in the county, celebrating outstanding achievement in the following four categories:

  1. Innovation
  2. International Trade
  3. Sustainable Development
  4. Promoting Opportunity through Social Mobility

Winners of an award are invited to a Royal reception where they will be presented with the award by one of The Queen’s representatives. They will also be given a Grant of Appointment, a commemorative crystal trophy and will be permitted to fly The Queen’s Awards flag at the company office.

The Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire, Anna Turner, and Mandy Thorn MBE discuss their experience working with Reech

In Shropshire, for Shropshire

Every day, we take pride in being an agency that’s in Shropshire, for Shropshire, and our commitment to our home county forms as part of our integrity.

Our ongoing pro bono work and skills-based volunteering allow us to build strategic relationships and make a positive impact in the local community. When we were approached by Mandy Thorn MBE to assist with a marketing project for The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, we knew this would be a fantastic way to drive engagement and interaction with local businesses. Helping to spread the word about this notable initiative will hopefully encourage businesses (big and small!) across the county to enter and obtain the recognition they deserve.


The Queen’s Award for Enterprise Shropshire required an extremely user-friendly and simple website that would clearly outline the importance of the awards, the eligibility criteria for applicants and information on how to enter. Adopting a minimalist design, the website swiftly navigates the user through the various written and visual content. With user experience in mind, the embedded videos featured on the page also give the user the option to listen to the testimonials of previous winners.

Discover The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Shropshire website.

The Queen's Award for Enterprise Shropshire website

Our Design team created a bi-fold brochure to help to increase your company’s bottom line and enhance people’s perception of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Shropshire. Using the primary colours from the brand palette, the design of the brochure reflects the professional business message. With tasteful lifestyle images dotted throughout, the brochure exudes elegance.

Download The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Shropshire brochure.

The Queen's Award for Enterprise Shropshire brochure
Social Media

Once the website and brochure were finalised, our team’s attention turned to the design of several social media posts. Utilising the refined colour palette, our Creative team designed a number of tasteful static posts that set out to highlight the key brand messaging.

Queens Awards SM Royal Emblem
Queens Awards SM Identifying Strengths
Queens Awards SM Increased Exposure
Join The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Shropshire official launch event

The official launch event for The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Shropshire will take place virtually on Wednesday 2nd June 2021 at 3pm. Hosted and live-streamed from Aico’s state of the art headquarters, businesses across Shropshire are invited to learn more about one of the UK’s most prestigious awards.