6th Feb 2024 4 minsread

Stop Losing Conversions, Take Control of Your UX


At its core, business is done people to people. But when you’re relying on your digital offering to secure a deal, it needs to hold up to scrutiny – that’s where UX (User Experience) comes in. Think of UX as the invisible handshake with your potential customers. It’s the design and structure of your website and the overall feeling they get when interacting with your brand. And just like a limp, sweaty handshake, a bad UX turns prospects off without a second thought.

Here’s the harsh reality: poor UX costs businesses up to £207 billion annually. Many business owners still have limited awareness of how crucial a factor their UX is and don’t always pay it the attention it needs. Put simply, better UX = improved conversions. We’re going to explore how you can take control of your UX and see your conversions soar.

Perspective Is Everything

Your products, services or offerings might be the best, not just in your sector, but in the world. You are unwaveringly confident in what you do, guaranteeing total success while exceeding value for money and expectations. You might know that, but if you maintain a negative UX experience, no one else will.

Customers, whether consciously or not, associate the quality of your offering with their experience at various touchpoints of your company. Bad experience, bad offering. You’re trapping your world-changing offering in a labyrinth of confusion, frustration and pop-ups. When UX is utilised correctly on a website, you should not even be aware it is there. Like any good strategy, it is an ever-present piece of the puzzle constantly guiding customers to convert.

From Frustration to Frictionless

No business wants the first impression with their target customer to fall short. A smooth, intuitive experience builds trust and encourages exploration. Conversely, a frustrating one creates friction, pushing leads away into the hands of a competitor who we can only hope has not figured out a more natural experience for that customer.

Good UX doesn’t just look pretty; it’s strategically designed to:

  • Guide users effortlessly through your sales funnel.
  • Communicate your value proposition clearly and concisely.
  • Build trust and credibility with a professional, user-friendly experience.
  • Remove obstacles to conversion, making it easy for users to take the next step.

The result? Happy users who convert, leading to increased sales, stronger brand loyalty, and ultimately, sustainable growth.

Invest In Expertise

UX can be a tricky side of your digital offering and it can be difficult to know where to start or if what you’re implementing is actually working. As part of our full-service offering, we have conducted countless UX audits to serve the implementation of improved UX practices, in turn increasing conversion rates. So, how do we do it? No smoke and mirrors, a data-driven approach that removes any grey areas of knowledge and presents actionable solutions clearly.

We start by analysing a spectrum of data, including your website analytics, customer feedback, and industry benchmarks – this pinpoints areas for improvement that directly impact your unique goals and challenges. We leverage tools like Hotjar to reveal user behaviour patterns and isolate pain points, while also conducting structured user studies to gather direct feedback from your target audience. This human-centred approach ensures our design solutions are not just technically sound, but also resonate with your real users and address their actual needs.

You’re in Control

You have much more control than you think in your customers’ journey through your business’s marketing landscape. A cohesive digital strategy, including a robust UX presence, will allow you to guide potential customers to your ideal end goal and feel secure in their decision to choose you.

Our Free Marketing Audit is the first step to this future of improved conversions. A no-risk, big-reward scenario – all that’s missing is you. Get in touch with us today and realise your vision of a leading digital identity.