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The King’s Awards for Enterprise is an awards programme for British businesses who excel at international trade and sustainability. However, the numbers of entrants and winners from Shropshire and Herefordshire were underwhelming in comparison to the levels of innovation found in these business communities.


The King’s Awards for Enterprise team therefore wanted to drive awareness of the awards and increase the numbers of entrants and winners from Shropshire and Herefordshire.

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Starting with Shropshire, Reech designed and developed a bespoke website to explain what the King’s Awards are, how to enter and the benefits for local businesses. The launch of the website was supported by a downloadable digital brochure, social media assets and media capture.

Reech filmed testimonial videos with past winners, detailing their experience of applying for the awards and the impact winning had on their businesses. The team also captured a video with the Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire, explaining why the awards are important and the positive impact they have on the Shropshire business community. Making the most of the Lord Lieutenant’s network, a suite of static and social media assets were designed and shared from their channels.

In year two, after increasing the number of entrants, Reech wanted to increase the success rate of applications. The strategy was to promote the support available to businesses from Deputy Lieutenants associated with the King’s Award. The Reech team developed a new section on the website to outline the help businesses could access and how to get in touch. Accompanying social media animations were created to support the offering and new testimonial videos from year one’s entrants were captured.  A complementary strategy was also rolled out for Herefordshire, including website development and social media support.

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50 % increase in winners YoY