21st May 2024 3 minsread

Reech x Shrewsbury Colleges Group: Taking Higher Education to New Heights

Reech x Shrewsbury Colleges Group

Fresh project alert! The gloves are off and the oven mitts are on – we’re cooking with this one.

We’re proud to announce our collaborative partnership with Shrewsbury Colleges Group, a local Shropshire leader in education and pathways to employment. Together, we’re launching a strategic marketing campaign to raise awareness and drive enrolment in their exciting range of Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs).

This partnership between Reech and Shrewsbury Colleges Group is shaping up to be a game-changer. It allows the college to leverage our marketing expertise alongside their existing proven success in education. By combining forces, they’ll be able to reach a wider audience with our creative and strategic campaigns, attracting more students seeking to advance their education and careers and creating positive awareness for the college.

The Growth Opportunity

Shrewsbury Colleges Group already has a well-deserved reputation for its extensive course offerings and unwavering support for student success. Thanks to recent government funding, they’re introducing a brand new range of HTQs – degree-level qualifications designed to equip ambitious people in Shropshire and nearby areas with the specific skills and knowledge needed to excel in various industry sectors.

‘We are delighted to work with Reech to promote the range of degree level opportunities available to individuals and increasing the number of individuals enrolling onto degree level Higher Technical Qualifications.,’ said Matt Laws, Vice Principal for Vocational & Technical Education and Higher Education at the college. ‘These level 4 and level 5 qualifications are career-focused and are ideal for those looking to gain the qualifications and experience needed to enter a specific sector, retrain, and upskill to progress in their current role or progress on to further study or training at university.’

Multi-Channel Modelling

We’re crafting a multi-channel campaign designed to maximise reach and connect with the ideal student for these HTQs in Shropshire and beyond. Our strategy is multifaceted and data-driven with creativity at its core. We’re developing compelling messaging and engaging content to capture attention across various platforms.

A mass awareness TV ad is the cornerstone of the project that will influence the rest of the campaign. From there, a granular digital campaign is scoped to drill down on our specific target audiences. Organic and paid social is being implemented as well as creative OOH assets around Shropshire to excite and incentivise a range of potential students at all levels of their educational journey.

Result Hunters

As Amelia Redge, Agency Director at Reech, explains, “We’re excited to partner with Shrewsbury Colleges Group. Through this campaign, we’ll showcase these new courses and empower students to unlock their full potential, achieving both their academic and career aspirations.”

This partnership is a significant step forward for Shrewsbury Colleges Group, allowing them to attract and support a wider range of students seeking to chart their future career paths. Our shared hunger to surpass the enrolment targets for these HTQ courses is the driving force behind this campaign and the excitement and passion are already shining through the work.

Keep your eyes peeled for our innovative marketing campaign that will kickstart students’ HTQ journey with Shrewsbury Colleges Group and show the breadth of the college and its capabilities. Or if you have any questions on how we can create a multi-channel marketing masterpiece for your business, we’re only a call away.