1st Nov 2019 3 minsread

Reech proud to launch new Visit Shropshire brand

Visit Shropshire logo by Reech

We’re delighted to introduce the new branding for Visit Shropshire! 

Adam, Head of Design at Reech, with Visit Shropshire
Adam, Head of Design at Reech, with Visit Shropshire

We have recently launched the new branding for Visit Shropshire, the tourist destination for the county. Having won the competitive tender for the branding of Visit Shropshire, they were provided with 8 brand concepts including the re-positioning of the organisation and a name change from Shropshire Tourism to a brand that optimised the county and everything it has to offer.

The new branding will now feature and act as a catalyst in designing and developing future marketing materials, including a brand-new bespoke website that is set to be launched in 2020. This website will allow visitors to the county the ability to create their own bespoke itinerary planner, refining information based on their likes and preferences as well as providing them with an itinerary of ‘must-dos’ whilst visiting Shropshire.

Exciting new branding…

The first part of the project was to work on the branding as well as considering options for the rename. Our design team provided several concepts before agreeing on Visit Shropshire as the preferred option. Using this chosen name, we then worked on a series of concepts that were presented to the board of directors.

4 of the 8 initial ideas were chosen for a public vote and were presented through printed rollouts at Shrewsbury Food Festival in June 2019. In addition, public polls were used online through Facebook and Instagram. By popular public vote, this new brand has been developed and refined by working through various design features including typeface and colour palettes.

Visit Shropshire branding
Visit Shropshire branding

Development of these features has culminated in this striking and iconic new brand for Visit Shropshire. Variations of the initial branding have been created to represent the vast areas of the county: Hills & South – birdwatching and castles, Shrewsbury & Central – the legendary Flower Show and the clocktower, Telford & Ironbridge – the Iron Bridge and Telford shopping, and finally Oswestry & North – the balloons produced here and the heritage railways. Each area has been synonymised with landmarks, products manufactured in the area and popular activities.

Our team were delighted to work with Reech Media with the rebranding from Shropshire Tourism to Visit Shropshire. Out of the brand concepts presented to us and the public both online and at Shrewsbury Food Festival, the iconic branding was chosen by popular demand. Since then, we have worked with them to refine and develop this brand into the finished result.

Laura Penman, Director of Visit Shropshire

We were very proud to have been chosen by Shropshire Tourism to create what is now their new name and brand, Visit Shropshire. We created various brand concepts that we presented on printed rollouts – it was exciting to see which brand the community would choose. Ultimately, they chose our branding concept that defined the very nature of the areas of Shropshire. It has been a rewarding task to create this branding and we look forward to implementing it in the next stage of our work with Visit Shropshire.

Rob Hughes, Managing Director at Reech