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14th Dec 2021

The new and improved Hoofproof website is here!

The new and improved Hoofproof website is here!

Following a team effort from all departments at Reech, we are proud to unveil the new website and app for Hoofproof, a revolutionary app for farriers.

The previous Hoofproof website consisted of a singular, templated page that was outdated. The content lacked detail and did not explain the full features and benefits of the app to visitors to the website. With the aim to inform and encourage users to subscribe to a payment plan, it was important that the new Hoofproof website would showcase the app whilst also providing the option of a simple sign-up service.

About Hoofproof

Endorsed by Jim Blurton

Born from the idea of Jim Blurton, a renowned World Champion Farrier, Hoofproof is a revolutionary app that enables farriers across Europe and the United States to monitor the health of horses and log their work to safeguard them against any accountability claims.

Designed to be a crucial part of the next generation’s toolkit, Hoofproof is the modern-day solution that plans to take the industry by storm and make the life of a farrier that little bit easier.

Website Design

The new Hoofproof website has been created with strong design elements, such as animated background gradients and interactive features for a fresh new look. Utilising the core brand colours, the website is visually more reflective of the overall Hoofproof brand, and both dynamic and engaging to help create interest.

To add personality, we also developed an icon library to visually represent the various features and benefits of Hoofproof, helping customers better understand what the app has to offer.

Website Development

User Experience (UX)

Developed with User Experience (UX) in mind, all pages within the site are clearly navigated through dynamic drop-down menus and title headings. Visitors to the website are able to accomplish their tasks quickly – whether this is to learn more about the app in terms of its features and benefits or become a paid subscriber through the online sign-up function.

One of the main focus points for the new Hoofproof website was to promote the subscriptions via the user dashboard integration (using Firebase from Google). Different options have been integrated depending on the user’s subscription status, making it easy for the user to amend their membership.

Stripe Integration

Users visiting the new website now also have the option to sign up and subscribe to the app, made possible through the use of Stripe integration (an online payment platform for businesses). Existing members will also benefit from the option to log in to their account via the website and view their personal data, allowing for a more accessible user experience.


To revamp the written content and provide consistency across all pages, we also provided content writing services. A dedicated page for case studies now enables potential customers to understand how Hoofproof has improved the productivity and workflow of farriers across the world.


To add value and build the brand image, our in-house Photographer & Media Manager captured fresh photography off-site. A mobile device with the Hoofproof app visible on the screen and placed around other tools played a key part in encapsulating the idea of Hoofproof being part of the modern-day farrier’s toolkit. The new photography will also play a key role in the visual aesthetics of the social media graphics going forward.

Social Media

To bring Hoofproof’s Facebook and Instagram accounts in line with the new website, we first created new profile assets (including profile photos and cover photos) and amended the descriptions and biography sections with the page.

Drawing upon a library of updated photography and an enhanced colour palette, we then created a number of branded posts that would reflect the new Hoofproof website. Key brand messaging, including the features and benefits of the app, is continually emphasised within the social assets to pinpoint the USPs of the product.

Hoofproof | Social Media Graphics | Reech
Hoofproof | Social Media Graphics | Reech
Hoofproof | Social Media Graphics | Reech

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