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1st Apr 2020

How to Reech the right audience with Digital Marketing

How to Reech the right audience with Digital Marketing

It’s one thing to create the hottest brand, but how do you successfully digitalise it to appeal to your target audience?

In light of the current situation, it’s important now more than ever to digitalise your brand, so we’ve gathered 10 suggestions to help you transform your brand and get your company out to your target audience digitally.

Perform an in-depth website MOT…

Take the time to review your website content – does it need to be updated with optimised content (SEO), products and services?

Develop an e-commerce site…

Sell your products or services online and maximise your profits. Google Shopping, Amazon and eBay are a great way to promote and sell your products – they provide you with the tools to create virtual shops.

Use social media…

Targeting your intended demographic with engaging content, products and offers through social media channels is a great way to get your brand recognised.

Email campaigns…

Enhance products, offers and services through creating engaging email campaigns and send these out to existing clients as well as prospective clients.

Create Google Ads campaign…

Set up a targeted Google Ads campaign that allows you to monitor relevant traffic – this is a great way to learn more about your target audience and how they react to your marketing.

Text message campaigns…

Sending text message campaigns are as effective as email campaigns and help you to inform your customers of new products and special offers.

Create an app…

Creating an app using your brand is a great way to engage with your customers – customise it as you want it and get interactive.

Convert digital adverts…

Place digital adverts on online websites such as Shropshire Star and Shropshire Biz.


There are many ways to stay in touch in this modern age, so why not use it to stay in touch with your customers? Talk face-to-face with your customers using virtual tools, including Skype, Slack, Zoom, Teamviewer and FaceTime.

At Reech, we have a dedicated team of creatives, programmers, content creators and marketing strategists to help you with your brand making a digital impact. If you think we could help you with your digital marketing strategy, feel free to get in touch at [email protected] and see how we can help.

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