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Practising what we preach.

Our Brand

Rebranding… when you’re a brand agency!

Since 2009, we’ve helped businesses throughout Shropshire rebrand and relaunch. Each time, we highlight the importance of keeping the brand up to date with how the client sees their business today. In 2022, our current brand was more than 5 years old, so we thought it was time we practised what we preach! Rebranding your own company, especially as a full-service marketing agency, is no easy task. If you’re considering a rebrand, here’s some insight into how, and why, we approached it for ourselves…

Why have we rebranded?

You should rebrand (regardless of your business) if any of these points resonate with you: 1. Your audience now is not the same as it was years go. 2. You don’t feel your brandmark is representative of you as a business. 3. You don’t like it anymore (this can happen – especially if you have an inherited brand). 4. You don’t feel your brand will stand the test of time as you continue to grow and evolve as a business.

All of these points hit the nail on the head for us. We had outgrown the brand and although it’s well-known and recognisable by our clients and other local businesses, it was time for a change!

Meet the Rubric

Noun: A set of instructions or rules.

Also known as: Ruby, Rubes, Ru

An instruction of rules can be key to success, and we know our dedicated process steers our clients – and the work we do for them – onto the path to success. That’s why we felt Rubric fit our brand and ethos perfectly.

No matter what the client or project, we always follow the same process; plan, create, measure. Whether we’re developing a new brand, a completely bespoke website or we’re establishing new social media channels for you; we follow this process every step of the way.

Rubric is also an unusual and unique name, with abstract qualities – which fits the personality of Reech perfectly. We push boundaries for our clients, developing work that takes clients further than they dreamed. We’re collaborative, quirky and creative, known for our striking pink brand colour. Rubric – or Ruby for short – is also a nod to our eye-catching Pantone Rubine Red C which we’ve become known for throughout Shropshire.

Developers Team NewWebsite aspect ratio
Reech Social Media
Our New Brand Colours:
Why have we named our colours?

Our ‘Reech’ pink is what we’re known for – it’s loud, proud and as a team we all love it. So, it was unanimous, the pink was staying! But to build on our brand further, we identified 6 core colours and named them.

The colours were chosen not just for how they work so cohesively together as a suite and within our marketing assets, but they’re also representative of our dedicated departments that make up our full-marketing services and solutions.

Secondary Colours

Our Typeface

Mont by Fontfabric

To develop a full brand ‘suite’, we identified a complimentary typeface to be used throughout all our design and marketing communications: Mont

This font provides us with:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Minimal Stroke contract
  • Horizontal terminal and 45 degrees angles

These are all very design-led statements which for some, might not mean much, but choosing the right font is an important step of any brand. Your font needs to work with your icon and wordmark and when we work on branding projects, this step is considered just as seriously as a logo.


Our service department symbols

Since 2020 we’ve massively evolved as a marketing agency – and so have our services – so it was important that these were reflected in our brand.

We developed 6 symbols to identify each department within the agency and each symbol was designed to not only work well when used in isolation, but also when used as a suite. It was also important that they ‘meant’ something and there was a clear connection between the icon and the department it represents – whilst keeping the fun and creative side that Reech is known for.


What is the importance of a brand guidelines?

Without a set of brand guidelines, you can’t guarantee consistency throughout your marketing – which can be misleading or confusing for your audience. What’s more, if you’ve invested in developing a sh*t hot brand – you want to show it off in style and as intended!

As we do for our clients, we put together a set of brand guidelines so no matter what we’re producing to promote ourselves as a marketing agency, our brand is on-point. And this doesn’t just go for our designed assets – this is also the case with our written content too.

Ready to revamp your brand?

Is your brand lacking? does it still sing to you – or your customers? If your brand needs kicking up a notch, we can help. From brand messaging to your logo, we do it all.